Very shallow ponds are needed in spring...
...deeper waters in summer tawning period.
Toads love to nourish close to mud banks.
Cattles grazing on watersides enhances toads habitats.


Fire bellied toads normally live in sunny shallow waters with a dense growth of waterplants. They can be found in regularly flooded areas of valleys, meadows or fields, but also in waterfilled tiretracks, gravelpits and ditches.

The toad needs different places with water to spawn and to find food:

In the first spawning period from the mid- April to mid- May very shallow, sunny places are needed, where a temperature of at least 16°C is kept even on cool nights. Swampy waters with black sediment are particularly ideal. To maintain these spawning areas for the toads, moderate pasturing is needed, so that vegetation is kept low the swampy pools do not get overgrown with high plants.

Deeper waters are needed for the second spawning period, as the shallow ones of spring tend to dry up in the course of the year. These waters now have a depth of about 1.20m and preferably floating leaf plants, such as the Potamogeton natans. The clutches are then attached to the stalks of these plants. A dense vegetation of bur reeds (Sparganiaceae) is also of good use.

Eutrophe waters or boggy swamps, i.e. on the edge of woods and small willowy meadows, are the third type of water used by fire bellied toads. After spawning the animals mainly use these types of water to search for food.

When not in water the toads like to hide in places such as dead wood, under heaps of stones and in the rhizosphere of trees, under leaves, the dens of small mammals, slopes or clifflines. They also hibernate in these places.