The european territory of Bombina bombina
Source: Google Maps & EEA


In Germany the fire bellied toad can only be found north of the low-range mountains. Thus Schleswig-Holstein has a special responsibility in preserving this typical endangered and protected species of the lowlands.

The territory in Schleswig-Holstein is the hilly countryside in the east (here the toad reaches the northwestern limit of its range): the East-Holstein lakeside and the Schaalsee area. Various insular populations can be found along the coast (similar to the situation in Denmark) for example the Geltinger Birk, the Danish Wohld and the Island of Fehmarn.


Department for Nature and Environment Schleswig-Holstein: Atlas of Amphibes and Reptiles in Schleswig-Holstein (2005) (PDF, 14 MB)

European Environment Agency: The complete territory of the fire bellied toad as layer for Google Earth (the programme must be installed on your computer!)