Peninsula of Rosnæs (Denmark)

The situation in Denmark

As in Schleswig-Holstein the fire bellied toad population has strongly decreased in the last 30 years. The total numbers of spawning waters went down from 40 to 10 during the years 1974 to 1980. In 1980 Denmark started a concentrated habitat management and following this, population management. In some areas, as on small danish islands, there are not enough suitable habitats or they just can not be made. In these situations the establishment of reserve populations (= genetic reservoir) as a mirror to the to be saved donor population seemed a good strategy. The idea was that a small population be established in a better area. This was done with 6 bombina populations in the first LIFE-project from 1999 to 2003 (LIFE99NAT/DK/006454).


The goal is to further improve the preservation of the species. To ensure this the concept of the mirror population is to be genetically examined. For this the offer of further habitat is to be improved upon. In the danish areas a capacity of 350 to 500 grown animals is anticipated. A mirror or reserve population is to be established for one of the smallest populations.


If needed further mirror populations are to follow. A mirror population is to be created for the 7th not yet mirrored population on the island of Enø. As a measurement for improving the habitat 10 ha of arable land, 32 ponds and 32 places to hibernate are to be established. Fences, shelters for the animals and cages are to be built, 26 robust cattle and horses are to be purchased for the use in some of the project areas so that the water structures are permanently cared for.