Bombina-inhabited ponds close to Frederiksberg (Sweden)

The situation in Sweden

The decline of the fire bellied toad has been especially strong in the north-western territories. In the face of this the toad became extinct in Sweden in the 1960s.

In the 1970s fire bellied toads of unknown identity were released illegally. This population was thought to be extinct when an official resettlement programme was started in 1983. Young toads from danish populations were released in 4 regions in southern Sweden. Parallel to this extensive measures were started to improve the habitat of the animals. In 3 regions the populations did not develop well at all. Only the population near Fredriksberg in cental Schonen begann to develop. Slowly at first, but after more danish toads were settled into the population it begann to grow rapidly and started to inhabit numerous lakes in the area. Today this population is more than 3000.


The swedish project partners are extremely interested in the results of the genetic examinations, i.e. if the succesful swedish population has any special genetic markers. Also of great interest is from which populations the genes have established themselves. Missing genes could in future be specifically chosen from ideal popualtions.


Planned are genetic probing and examinig of 4 populations in the areas of Mölle, Fredriksberg, Skoshuset and Bäckhalladalen.