• 3. Song Contest

    Choirs of calling males of the fire bellied toad (Bombina bombina) from different Life projects competed against each other. At the 11th of May the songs of the different choirs were recorded and uploaded to the web. The public was invited to follow the song contest “LIVE” on the different pond sites in the participating countries Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania and Germany and to vote for the best choir on the web.
    The audience has decided on the best Bombina choir 2012. The winners are the “Vilnius Bombinas”!
    With a great advance and nearly 60% of the votes the boy group from Vilnius won. They were able to win against the twice successful “Mölle tenors” (39%), which had won both previous Bombina song contests in 2007 and 2009.
    In perfect “Bombina weather” with moist and warm conditions just before a thunder storm, the contribution from Lithuania was professionally performed and “LIVE” recorded. Enjoy their awesome contribution in the sound files below. One of the enthusiastic facebook comments from one of the voters was:
    "Real music! In the beginning a thunder, then the birds are singing, the frogs are accompanying the fire-bellied  toads and in the middle it starts to rain..."
    This comment we just can confirm and all our congratulations from Denmark, Sweden, Latvia and Germany goes to Lithuania and the “Vilnius Bombinas”!

    Here are some press reactions from Lituania (lyrtas.ltgrynas.lt) and a Lithuanian tv report.

  • Lithuania - The winner of the 3rd Song Contest

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  • Song Country Votes
    Vilnius Bombinas Lithuania 803
    Mölle Tenors Sweden 500
    Klintholm-Allstars Denmark 18
    Fire-bellied Tenors Germany 14
    Demene Choir Latvia 8